In Dialog

Between 2015 and 2019 artists Carol Pairaudeau and Paula Gamble-Schwarz were involved in an ongoing drawing conversation, under the name In Dialog. Employing a variety of materials and techniques, both artists would independently begin to develop a response to an agreed theme. However, before the work reached a conclusion the two artists exchanged work, without discussion, leaving each piece they exchanged to speak for itself. Each artist then worked directly on the piece that they have received. This exchange process continued until one of the artists took the decision that the piece of work was complete - at which point the work was presented, rather than exchanged.

The drawing conversation involved a high level of trust in handing over work in progress to another person. However, the excitement and challenge in responding to work in this way pushed the conversation piece in interesting and unanticipated directions. Knowing when to stop was also an important part of the process.

In Dialog exhibited work in several shows including: Loughborough University; Elizabeth College, Guernsey; Melbourne Arts Festival, Derbyshire; Printfest 2017 and 2019, 'Olympics and Culture -Tracings, Projections and Intersections', Tokyo

A selection of outcomes can be seen below.