I am a painter and printmaker with a BA (Fine Art) and an MA (Art & Design, Studio Practice), both from Loughborough University. My formal education in art began fairly late in life as I followed an alternative career path in software design and usability. I continue with some part-time consultancy work whilst devoting a greater amount of my time to developing my professional studio practice. I deliver workshops in printmaking techniques alongside other teaching commitments.

I find the details found within my natural surroundings often more fascinating than the panorama. The colour, texture and patterns that capture my attention can be found in many of my paintings as I try to capture the essence of the experience. In recent years printmaking has extended my mark making vocabulary and I enjoy the experimentation and the possibilities arising from combining techniques in different ways. I like to utilise/combine whatever feels appropriate to my needs. This approach is particularly evident in my series of artist's books where the choice of media and materials is determined by the theme of each book.

Recent exhibitions
2018 'Olympics and Culture -Tracings, Projections and Intersections', Tokyo (
2017 Printfest, Ulverston (
2017 Sheffield Print Fair, Sheffield (
2016 'In dialog', Melbourne Arts Festival, Derbyshire
2016 'Prescriptions'. Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, Canterbury
2015 'Take One Book', Loughborough University and Elizabeth College, Guernsey
2014 Wirksworth Arts Festival
2014 Melbourne Arts Festival
2014 Midlands Open
2014 'The Web of Water', Artcore, East Midlands
2014 Solo exhibition at Deda, Derby
2013 Salon 5, Cromford, Derbyshire
2009 Solo exhibition at Mitt i Centrum, Gothenburg
2009 Printmaking exhibition, Valand School of Fine Arts, Gothenburg